India Solar Project


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About the project.

The proposed grouped project activity is a step towards supporting the implementation and installation of grid connected renewable solar energy power plants in India.

The main goal of project activity is to implement renewable energy projects in the country and the significant importance of revenues from sale of Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) to achieve this goal forms the basis of the implementation of this project activity. The project activity will support the development of new grid-connected renewable energy power plants in India and will cover the solar energy technologies. It seeks to enable investment in large scale grid connected plants that export their generated output to the regional / national electricity grid in India.
The total AC capacity of the project activity is 1,207.5 MW and the power produced displaces an equivalent amount of power from the grid, which is fed mainly by fossil fuel fired power plants. Hence, it results in reduction of GHG emissions. GHG emission reductions from the project activity will be 2,078,589 tonnes of CO2e and total GHG emission reductions for the chosen 10 year crediting period will be 20,785,890 tonnes of CO2e.

Let’s limit global warming. Together.