Offset your business.

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Make your business Carbon Neutral.

Offset your team members, products, services or transactions in full or in part and differentiate your company as a sustainable business.

“Focusing on consistent decarbonization can be a strong competitive edge. In any case, it offers the best way for setting a common course for a secure and economically successful future on a planet worth living on”.

The journey to become Carbon Neutral.

Offsetting is only part of the solution.


Make simple and sustainable changes to your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint.


Offset unavoidable CO2 emissions through accredited high impact, carbon removal projects. Start from £3 /month.


Proudly say “iOffset” and share your carbon neutral status with your social network.

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The United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative is proud to support iOffset in their ambition to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions and we are pleased to see the concept of Offset as a Service being introduced by iOffset.

Miguel Naranjo, Programme Officer

UN Climate Neutral Now

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Let’s limit global warming. Together.