OaaS® EcoTech partners.

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Go beyond Carbon Neutral.

OaaS® Eco Tech provides seamless, high-impact climate action solutions to your customers - directly in your e-commerce checkout or consumer application.

OaaS® Eco Tech partners.

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Vehicle Offset Calculator.

This demo can be embedded onto your website so customers can find out the cost of offsetting a vehicle’s carbon emissions with iOffset. They can choose between a recurring monthly payment or a one-off annual contribution.

“To move towards a greener future we worked with iOffset in our aim to pay for all our customer’s vehicles carbon emissions to be offset for a year. By advertising this fact not only differentiates us from our competitors but also builds on my own passion to move towards a more sustainable future as an individual and as a company.”

“Measuring, managing and reducing environmental impact, is an essential part of being a responsible Bank. SCF is committed to contributing to the protection of the environment and reducing its footprint, in the countries it operates in. I am delighted that we can now provide our customers with an option to offset their carbon emissions.”

OaaS® EcoTech.

iOffset’s innovative Offset as a Service (OaaS®) provides eco technology solutions to enable businesses to go beyond Carbon Neutrality and utilise software, customers and supply chains to drive adoption of carbon reduction and offsetting.


Software & integrations.

Integrate iOffset’s carbon calculators into your website to present consumers with an understanding of the climate impact of their purchase and present a simple and trusted solution.

iOffset’s API’s enable a range of CO2 calculations with seamless action orientated solutions both in terms of CO2 reduction and offsetting.

Leverage your website audience, increase consumer engagement, dwell time and fundamentally differentiate your business.

iOffset enables partners access to a reporting suite in their portal to analyse program performance and understand customer engagement and the ability to optimise.

Data can also be used for CSR and sustainability reporting internally & externally.


Climate action.

Offset unavoidable emissions with high impact carbon removal projects across a blended portfolio.

Project portfolio’s to be developed to meet client needs in terms of project type, location, verification and budget.

The iOffset fund sources carbon credits primarily from carbon removal projects, following the Oxford Offsetting Principles and focusing on future carbon capture and storage solutions.

Crucially, iOffset retire or cancel the carbon credits in your business name and manage the administration and reporting.


Marketing & promotion.

Promote your corporate iOffset status to differentiate your product/service in the market.

From co-branded landing pages to digital badges, iOffset enables you and your customers to share the impact you are achieving together and to inspire more action.

iOffset Digital Pack:
Co-branded landing page
iO / Carbon Neutral badge
PR templates
Assets for email signature

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