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Individually we can make a difference, together we can make change.

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Understanding Carbon Offsetting: How It Works

Carbon offsetting allows individuals and companies to balance out their carbon emissions by investing in environmental projects around the world.

These projects, such as renewable energy installations like wind, solar, and hydro plants or afforestation efforts, help mitigate emissions in the atmosphere.

To ensure their effectiveness and reliability, these initiatives undergo verification and are certified by prominent global registries including The Gold Standard (endorsed by WWF), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and The United Nations.”

iOffset's mission is to kickstart a culture of carbon reduction and offsetting in the UK and beyond.

At iOffset, we empower individuals and businesses to minimise both their carbon footprint before offsetting unavoidable emissions.

Discover how to measure and offset your carbon driving emissions with iOffset.

Enter your vehicle registration and annual mileage to calculate emissions and the subsequent cost of offset.

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Join us in turning small steps into big environmental impacts. Here’s how you can make a difference

Reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Drive Less: Choose car-free days and cut down on weekly driving.
  2. Use Public Transport: Make public transportation your go-to for daily commutes.
  3. Optimise Driving: Avoid abrupt stops and starts to boost fuel efficiency.

Offset your driving emissions.

  1. Support Projects: Back carbon reduction projects with proven impacts.
  2. Select Certified Programs: Choose initiatives certified by the UN, Gold Standard, or Verra.
  3. Retire Credits: Engage in retiring carbon credits in your or your company’s name.

Amplify Your Impact.

  1. Promote Action: Show off your commitment on Facebook, X, and LinkedIn.
  2. Expand Your Reach: Share your climate action page via WhatsApp.
  3. Lead as an Ambassador: Step up as an iOffset Ambassador with increasing contributions.

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The United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative is proud to support iOffset in their ambition to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions and we are pleased to see the concept of Offset as a Service being introduced by iOffset.

Miguel Naranjo, Programme Officer

UN Climate Neutral Now

Comprehensive Guide to Carbon Offsetting with iOffset.