Santander Consumer Finance invites you to Go green in partnership with iOffset.

Individually we can make a difference. Together we can make change.

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What is carbon offsetting and how does it work?

Simply put, offsetting is a way to compensate for your emissions (individual or corporate) by funding an equivalent CO2 saving elsewhere.

Carbon offsetting projects include renewable energy schemes such as wind, solar or hydro power plants and afforestation programmes. These projects are verified and accredited by the world’s leading carbon registries such as The Gold Standard (WWF), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and The United Nations.

We are delighted to be partnering with Santander Consumer Finance to support their Go Green initiative, enabling consumers to take positive action towards climate change.

Mark Hammond

Founder of iOffset

Find out the cost of offsetting your carbon emissions with iOffset.

Simply input your vehicle registration and annual mileage to offset with either a recurring monthly payment or a one off annual contribution.

We invite you to do the right thing.

We understand that offsetting is only part of the solution.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

The No. 1 priority. You could try...

  1. Using the car one day less per week
  2. Use public transport wherever possible
  3. Drive smartly avoiding accelerating & braking suddenly

Offset your driving emissions.

By funding projects that...

  1. Prevent an equivalent amount of CO2
  2. Are accredited by the UN, Gold Standard or Verra
  3. Enable carbon credits to be retired in the name of individual or company

Share the iOffset message.

By funding proudly promoting....

  1. Your Climate Action Page on Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin
  2. Sharing your page via WhatsApp
  3. Becoming an iOffset ambassador as your network offset contribution grows

How we fund climate action.

We are passionate about being transparent, as this will enable iOffset to become the most trusted carbon reduction and offsetting brand in the UK and beyond.

In order to realise this business pledge we need to operate as a commercial enterprise to develop the brand if we are to achieve our initial target of offsetting 1 million tonnes of CO2. We are proud to say that 80% of your investment goes directly to climate action projects with the balance retained to operate the business and share the iOffset message. Included within the climate action projects are any transaction fees carried out on your behalf.

iOffset will retire the credits in the name of Santander and provide an update every 90 days detailing the volume of CO2 Santander ’s customers have offset.

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Accredited by

The United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative is proud to support iOffset in their ambition to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions and we are pleased to see the concept of Offset as a Service being introduced by iOffset.

Miguel Naranjo, Programme Officer

UN Climate Neutral Now

How we work with Santander Consumer Finance

Let’s limit global warming. Together.