The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project


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About the project.

The Great Bear Rainforest is home to the largest intact coastal temperate rainforest remaining in the world. The resources of Great Bear are vast and valuable to Coastal First Nations, environmental groups, forest companies and governments.

Together, these groups have adopted an Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) approach that values the forest not as a source of lumber alone, but as a balanced system that sustains biodiversity and an enriched community. Organisations and individuals now have a unique opportunity to protect this valuable resource by investing in a conservation economy through the purchase of carbon offsets.

The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project is an Improved Forest Management project. The project activities include changes in land-use legislation and regulation that result in increased carbon stocks by converting forests that were previously designated sanctioned or approved for commercial logging to protected forests. Emissions caused by harvesting, road building and other forestry operations are also prevented. It is a landmark project for balancing human well-being and ecological integrity through carbon finance and is the first carbon project in North America on traditional territory with unextinguished Aboriginal rights and title.

Returning forest management to the Coastal First Nations addresses longstanding concerns about new employment at home for First Nations in the Great Bear region. Revenue flowing into the communities creates long term economic opportunities in areas with very high unemployment. Money from the sale of carbon offsets goes through two channels: Stewardship (jobs for the First Nations – the monitoring of the carbon program) and Community Development (youth programs, guardian watchmen, bear safety and youth centres).

The project is accredited by the British Columbia Forest Carbon Offset Protocol (FCOP) and the vintages are certified by KPMG.

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