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The Amazon basin stretches over 8 million square kilometres. Inaccessibility provides effective protection for invaluable habitats for animals and plants. Madre de Dios province in the East of Peru is a prime example of this remoteness.

Scientists estimate that 10% of the animal species in the area are still unknown. Since August 2011, the Interoceanic Highway cuts through the region. It is more than 2,600 kilometres long and connects the Brazilian part of the Amazon to the Pacific coast. Experience in past decades shows that with improved accessibility, deforestation for agriculture and illegal logging will follow suit.

The concessions stretch over 100,000 hectares covered by dense rainforest. Effective surveillance of this area to prevent illegal dwelling and destructive forest use is only possible with the support of carbon certificate revenues.

This project contributes towards 6 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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